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Syncro Only Fender Flare Kit

Syncro Only Fender Flare Kit

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We've got a few Vanagon / Transporter fender flare kits that are Syncro specific. Meaning that the kit does not have the the part with the 2wd fuel tank cut out. 

Normally our Vanagon / Transporter kit fits both Syncro and 2wd because we include the 7th part for the 2wd. This kit only comes with the 6 parts for Syncro Only.

Hope that is clear. Syncro only, not for 2 wheel drive. If you have a 2WD, 2 wheel drive do not order this kit. 

Same great kit, same great fit, a little less, and just for Syncro's. We only have a few.

Get Your Flare On!

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