Introducing the Dirt Dodger

Introducing the Dirt Dodger

Just when you thought you had all the protection your Sprinter could handle. Here's one more clever item that actually works to protect your investment. If you drive off road in any type of conditions whether it be mud, gravel, sand or just wet roads you'll notice that the side of your van will take a beating rom the front wheels kicking up all that muck. 

The solution: Dirt Dodgers!  These easy to install guards attach to the lower section of a 907 Sprinter (2019 - 2023) with super strong 3M VHB tape. A lot of us install larger than stock tires and wheels on our Sprinters. Most wheel packages change the offsets so the tires poke out a little more than the skinny tires that came from the factory. With that additional tire poke the mudflaps don't really cover the tire tread any longer, this is why we came up with this solution.

They actually work!  As well as great looks and protection, there is one more benefit:  Parking lots.  The Dirt Dodger acts as a bumper when your Sprinter is in close contact with other parked cars.  How often do you find products that offer more than one thing?  Most of our products offer protection, this one Really does.

Dirt Dodger

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