Just the right amount of flare...

Just the right amount of flare...

If you own, or are in the process of getting a 4x4 Sprinter, one thing you'll notice is that it really doesn't have the presence of a real 4x4. Adding larger tires helps, but to complete the transformation and really give your Sprinter that finished look you're going to need our new 4x4 flare kit.

Just the right amount of flare. No fancy do dads, no cutting, just a clean OEM look that you'd expect from Terrawagen. We've designed the flares to fit like they came from the factory. Easy installation with the highest quality materials is what we're all about, not to mention that our flares are made in the USA.

Maybe you don't want to go big, no worries. We still make the Sprinter fender armor ( our 2 piece front fender flares ).    

4x4 flare kit Available March 2018


Terrawagen 4x4 fender flare Terrawagen 4x4 fender flare rear

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