Testing through racing

You've probably heard the phrase, "Race on Sunday, sell on Monday". It usually referred to buying an entire vehicle.  Testing the durability of products for us means having our Vanagon flares installed on our Polizei race Vanagon and putting them through a rigorous 2 day event called the 24 hours of Lemons. It's an endurance race for cars under $500 ( technically ). Meaning that the original purchase price should be under the $500 cap. In our case we found a 91 Vanagon GL on craigs list for $800, after we sold off all the parts we didn't need, it owed us $1300 on top of the $800 purchase price. Safety items are exempt for the $500 cap, so brakes, wheels, tires, etc. are all fair game to build a race van. 

This brings us to installing our Vanagon fender flare kit. There is a fair amount of rubbing, scraping, and general mayhem during a Lemons race. The flares have endured many encounters with all types of vehicles, and we're proud to say they still look great. So, if you have a van with a few scrapes on the fender arches, and want to give it some love, look no further. We have you covered, literally!

Terrawagen will be converting our current " Endurance road racing Vanagon " to race in the NORRA Mexican 1000 rally in April 2018.  Support will come from one of our shop Sprinters and help from our team of drivers and volunteers.  This will be the ultimate test of our products. Wish us luck in Mexico!