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Tidy Trim Rear Sprinter High Roof 906/907

Tidy Trim Rear Sprinter High Roof 906/907

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Finally!  A trim kit that finishes off the exposed unattractive sheet metal of the rear door surround.  You asked and we deliver. Now you can finish the interior of your Sprinter like a pro!

Designed for the 907 Sprinter High roof, this 3 piece kit with hardware was designed using factory CAD.  We designed the kit to be adjustable. You trim it back based on your wall and ceiling thickness. 

Made from utility ABS, easily trim, cut and sand to shape.  ABS also bonds well with contact cements so adding fabric to the exterior is a snap.

" Tidy Trim "  Rear finishing trim kit is made by Terrawagen right here in Portland Oregon USA!                                                         

Get your inner flare on!

* Images show parts covered in fabric to demonstrate look and finish of the product. Parts will come raw and unfinished.

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