Terrawagen campus history

Terrawagen campus history

The year was 1963 Marine industrial supply had just purchased land from the port of Portland to build their new headquarters. The company occupied the building up to 2018 when the matriarch passed and the family members realized they no longer had the passion. The contents were auctioned off leaving the empty shell. Covid hit and commercial building sales pretty much came to a halt. It sat vacant for 18 months. Luck was on our side!  The building was way larger than we needed, but boy was it a cool space. A deal was struck and now nearly 3 years later we get to work and create in this unique space.

The photo shows our building in 1967.  Things have changed in last 55 years. we no longer have a view of the Lagoon across the street, but rather a land filled area with a warehouse. 

The beautiful thing about our space is that it never really changed because it was a one owner building. We've made some changes since but overall it's still a time capsule.

We invite you to come by for a visit if you're in town or just passing through. All of our products are available to will call from our website, or you can just walk in.

We love visitors, and do tours daily.


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