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Black Front Emblem Sprinter 907

Black Front Emblem Sprinter 907

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If you're like us and want to turn down the chrome on your New Sprinter, you're going to want this one.

This is the 907 Sprinter black out front emblem.  We are using a factory brand new front emblem and prepping it to receive our super durable ceramic coating. This is the same ceramic coating used on handguns.  Our extensive testing had great results. 

But...  Here's the thing:  It's still a painted emblem and it still could possibly chip. With that unfortunately we can't offer a warranty against possible chips you may get over it's life.  

Just to be clear, this coating is very durable and will most likely last a very long time, but it may chip depending on the size of the impact projectile and the speed that you're traveling.

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