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907 Sprinter oil dip stick

907 Sprinter oil dip stick

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So you bought a 2019-2022 Sprinter, did you know that your van did not come with a dip stick?  Sure Mercedes-Benz recommends checking the oil with the on-board electronics. But if you're like us, we like to change our own oil a lot sooner than the 20K mile intervals. 

Having a dip stick is kind of a no brainer... They put the dipstick tube in there...

Not to worry we got you covered. This is the correct MB dip stick for the V6 diesel engine. 

Simple install, just pull out their plug, and drop this guy in.

* Fits all 907 Sprinters from 2019 - 2022 with V6 Diesel Engine

** Does not fit 2023 4 cylinder engines ( they don't have dipstick tubes )

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