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Fender Flare Kit Euro Sprinter

Fender Flare Kit Euro Sprinter

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The European Sprinter and VW Crafter do not come with rear fender arch covers like the US models. We offer a kit exclusively for our European Sprinter friends. 

The kit comes with 4 pieces, 2 front and 2 rear.  The fit and finish is the same as all of our other Sprinter exterior products.  Color and texture matched TPO plastic. No tools required, we use 3M VHB tape. 

Be aware of imitations! Terra Wagen™ products have been designed and produced using OEM Mercedes-Benz 3D CAD. Our fit and finish will always be superior than a copy. Our flares attach with 3M VHB tape ( very high bond), not a cheap imitation tape or glue.

How do you tell which side is which? 

The fender armor is marked on the inside of the part with a "R" and "L" for Right and Left.  

Left to Right orientation is based on driver seating position. So, let's say you're driving. When you make a right turn, that's the right side.

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