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LED Grill emblem for 907 Sprinter

LED Grill emblem for 907 Sprinter

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LED Grill Star for 907 Sprinters.  This unique LED unit really adds that finishing touch to your Sprinter. The kit comes with our very own made in house wiring harness that is plug and play.  No need to wire this into a switch and all the hassles that come with wiring.

Takes 5 minutes to install, and you're up and running.  Simply un-plug the passenger headlight, plug in the harness and go.

Fine print:  This LED Grill Star ONLY works with the chrome grill that has the removable center star emblem. If your Sprinter came with LED headlights, you most likely have the correct one.  Here's a simple method to check if you have the correct grill:   Twist your front emblem assembly counter clock-wise and if it pops out, You win!. If you can not, it will not work. Contact us if you would like to purchase a grill. See images

Our Harness system ONLY works with the LED headlights. If you have standard headlights this kit WILL NOT WORK.

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