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Terrawagen Track Wedge

Terrawagen Track Wedge

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You bought yourself some fancy pants wheels for your Sprinter and to go with that some BIG tires... Now your slider door rubs the tire because your upfitter added a fancy door panel, what to do?

Not to worry, our Track Wedge is here to space your slider door out so it misses the tire.  The Track Wedge will increase space over the wheel well by about 1 1/4 inches or 30 mm.

Easier to install when you have access to the hardware on a bare unfinished cargo van, but not impossible on a finished Sprinter.

*Works with power doors, instructions for dismantling the power door assembly not included.

**(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) For a more finished look add one of our slider track trims to the end of the track as pictured. ( not included ).  Find them here ---> Track trim or buy together below for a discounted bundle.

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