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Tidy Trim Rear Sprinter High Roof 906/907

Tidy Trim Rear Sprinter High Roof 906/907

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Introducing the enhanced Tidy Trim Rear Finishing Trim Kit by Terrawagen, now available in two distinct variants to perfectly match your customization needs! Crafted in Portland, Oregon, this kit is a game-changer for upgrading the aesthetics of your Sprinter’s rear door surround.

Precision Fit Variant:

Specially designed for those who require a precise alignment, the Precision Fit is engineered to seamlessly butt up against half-inch walls. This model ensures a flawless integration with your existing interior setup without the need for additional modifications.

Original Customizable Fit Variant:

For those who prefer a tailored approach, the Original Customizable Fit remains your go-to option. This variant allows you the flexibility to trim and adjust the length of the trim to perfectly suit the thickness of your walls and ceiling. Simply cut, sand, and shape to achieve a bespoke finish.

Both variants are made from high-quality utility ABS, known for its easy handling and compatibility with contact cements, making it straightforward to add fabric or other finishes. The kit includes three pieces, along with all necessary hardware, designed using precise factory CAD to ensure a perfect fit for the 907 Sprinter High Roof.

                                                     Get your inner flare on!

* Images show parts covered in fabric to demonstrate look and finish of the product. Parts will come raw and unfinished.

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