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Power Mirrors Vanagon / Transporter

Power Mirrors Vanagon / Transporter

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Vanagon / Transporter power mirrors are here!  These have been beautifully recreated in the highest quality materials, complete with factory electrical connectors and a complete hardware kit included. They are full power and heated. 

They come in raw ABS plastic just like the factory versions, and are paintable. For Vans that did not originally come with these mirrors, we include a nut-sert so you can add the 3rd bolt to attach them as the factory did.  This is optional, and you can simply use the existing 2 threaded holes if you like.

This kit comes as a pair, you get a left and a right mirror. Complete with wiring that will interface with the factory loom on 1987-1991 Vanagon that came with Power mirrors.

If by chance you have a Vanagon / Transporter that did not come from the factory with these mirrors, we do have the factory wiring harness that is plug and play. You can find it Here:  Power mirror harness

If you do not wish to add the extra wiring harness for full functionality, the mirrors will adjust manually by simply pressing the mirror into place. They will retain their position.


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