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Tidy Trim Driver Side Window Surround with Steel Inserts

Tidy Trim Driver Side Window Surround with Steel Inserts

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Same great design and function now with steel inserts for use with Vanmade Gear window shades. Benefit from this exclusive partnership.

Tailored for Your Sprinter: Our window trim piece is precision-crafted to fit the 907 Sprinter, ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Magnetic Curtain Attachment: Equipped with Steel Inserts, the Tidy Trim window surround effortlessly pairs with Vanmade Gear magnetic window shades.

Stylish and Versatile: Trim out your van correctly the first time, with parts that fit from both Terrawagen and Vanmade Gear.  Pair this up with Vanmade Gear state of the art window shades. The trim is designed to complement your Sprinter's aesthetics while providing a secure base for the window shades. Its sleek profile enhances the interior's overall look.

Explore Vanmade Gear's magnetic window shades that work exclusively with our Tidy Trim Window Surround, see and visit them here:

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*Because of the sheer size of the box this is shipped in, returns are not available.

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